Eternity ring assignment エタニティーリング製作を楽しむ


At Blue Dove you can learn how to make an eternity ring, step by step.

The space between the stone seats is determined and divided with a saw blade.

It takes practice to manage this precise work by hand.

“How much do you need to practice to make jewelry at a professional level?”

We often hear this question from our students.

This is different from person to person, but we believe it requires making at least 50 pieces.

Getting to a professional level takes time and practice, but it’s a rewarding, fun and creative process!


Blue Dove Jessica Nylund

湯床吹きは、金属合金を溶解して作成するための日本の伝統的な技術です。  アケ型で鋳造するよりも高品質の合金が得られると考えられています。  溶けた金属を熱水に鋳造すると表面酸化物の形成が減少し金属の冷却速度が遅くなり  これがインゴットの良好な加工特性に寄与すると考えられています。


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