Silver scrap earrings (student showcase) シルバースクラップイヤリング

Today, let’s introduce a work project by one of our students!


These are 925 sterling silver earrings.

If you take a close look, you will notice that the left and right are different…


This is what it looks like wearing them. Cute, isn’t it?

Actually, this is the reuse of old silver scrap. When you are working with metal, you get a lot of small pieces left over from sawing and cutting. Eventually you accumulate many of these little scrap pieces, and they end up somewhere in the corner of your toolbox. But try to organize your scrap pieces and separate the silver, gold or other metals. Also make sure to separate any pieces that might have solder on them in a different place, as it’s no good to mix too much solder into the base metals. This will make the metals contaminated, and eventually they will crack more easily.

Our student created these earrings by melting a few scrap pieces at a time to make a number of round objects, then combining the parts and attaching an earring post to complete the piece.

So take care of your metal scrap, as one day it might turn into something beautiful like this!


Blue Dove Jessica Nylund

湯床吹きは、金属合金を溶解して作成するための日本の伝統的な技術です。  アケ型で鋳造するよりも高品質の合金が得られると考えられています。  溶けた金属を熱水に鋳造すると表面酸化物の形成が減少し金属の冷却速度が遅くなり  これがインゴットの良好な加工特性に寄与すると考えられています。

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