Hidden gems 💎

The finest products are made with attention to detail.

Needless to say, so is jewelry.

Have you ever looked at a piece of jewelry, and thougt “this is nice”, but then looked at the back, and was surprised to see that there is just as much detail as in the front? Probably it made you think “wow! I didn’t expect that!”.

The element of a piece of jewelry containing a “hidden gem”, only known to the person wearing it, can make it feel very personal and special. It is like a secret that only you and the jewelry knows about. Intimate and heartwarming.



Here is an example of a ring with pave setting. From above it looks like a normal pave setting. You can’t tell the difference from other pave set rings at first glance. But when you have a closer look and see the construction of the backside, it stands out. This can be the deciding factor when your customer is choosing between this ring and another similar one.

Many jewelry artists forget about this detail. But paying attention to detail is not only what is visible at first sight. It includes all parts of the jewelry, even the back.

Keep this in mind, and you will be sure to experience the excited, surprised reaction from the people looking at your jewelry. Because jewelry can be so much more than just an object, it can spark feelings and hold precious memories, and secrets.


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