Life of a jewelry artist

When you first start out as a jewelry artist, it can be difficult to build a life where you can make a living from your work.

However, you can create the ideal future depending on your adaptability and hard work.

We at Blue Dove are here to help guide you in the right direction.


Bridal jewelry at Blue Dove

Here at DOVE Academy, many students are hard at work trying to master professional jewelry making. In addition to the Academy, we also have a shop called Blue Dove, where you can put it into practice. Blue Dove focuses on custom-made bridal jewelry, and lies on the second floor above the Academy.

When you have finished your studies, and just newly graduated, you can feel nervous about interacting with customers. This is why we provide a place where students can practice their abilities in a real business, and gain some confidence.

We believe that only after becoming able to produce bridal jewelry as a goldsmith, you can freely create the work you want to make as a jewelry artist. This is because bridal jewelry is such a central part to being able making a living as a goldsmith. It is how we survive. Without this, you don’t have a solid foundation to stand on.

The future of creative freedom as a jewelry artist must be earned by first acquiring solid skills and learning through practice.

But let’s also remember to have fun along the way!


Blue Dove Jessica


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