Platinum ✨

Platinum is a commonly used material for wedding rings.

It has a whiter color than white gold, which is why many people prefer it.

The melting point of platinum is very high compared to other precious metals.

Therefore, in production, a torch that uses oxygen (which produces a hotter flame) is required.



Here you can see the regular torch in front, and the oxygen torch in the back.

The size of the flame is small, but very powerful.

When melting and soldering platinum, it gives off a very bright light.

It’s eye-catching, but can damage your vision, so wear proper blackout glasses!

(Regular sunglasses are not enough to protect your eyes)



An oxygen cylinder is required to use the oxygen torch.

This requires a license own and use. Therefore, it’s best to come practice with us here at the studio. We would be happy to teach you!


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