Why does silver go black?

It’s sulfidation!

I often hear about oxidation, but silver actually causes a chemical reaction with sulfur and causes discoloration. So the reason why it turns black is sulfidation.


When entering hot springs containing sulfur, remember to remove your silver accessories.

Sulfur also exist naturally in the air, which is why it will naturally sulfurize over time.


Silver is a very soft precious metal. Sterling silver is an alloy containing a small amount of copper to make it hard enough to wear. Since copper oxidizes, it is true that copper oxidizes at the same time as silver sulfurizes.


Men’s accessories are often black and sulfurized. Some people prefer so-called smoked silver.



However, in fact, amongst precious metals, silver shines the most when polished. Silver jewelry can look stunning with a mirror finish, so it’s a shame it turns black.



There are chemicals in the industry that can help you achieve both looks. There are those that speeds up sulfidation, and those that remove the black surface caused by it. The world of jewelry is closely related to chemistry.


Blue Dove Jessica Nylund


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