【DOVE Academy of Jewelry Arts 】See Obidome making up close

This obidome was ordered at Blue Dove Jewelry Studio, operated by DOVE Academy of Jewelry Arts.

Blue Dove ターコイズ帯留め

Blue Dove Turquoise Obidome

For custom-made jewelry, we draw the design when meeting with the customer, to convey our vision.

Blue Dove帯留めデザイン画

Blue Dove Obidome Design Drawing

From the design drawing to production, the work is done at the desk right next to the students, so you can see how it is made up close.

Blue Dove 帯留上面

Blue Dove Obidome from above

It is very important to see a professional’s work if you want to acquire solid jewelry techniques and designs.

Let’s work, learn and grow together!

コンテンポラリージュエリー作家 山田直広

Contemporary jewelry artist and studio owner Naohiro Yamada











Blue Dove Jessica Nylund


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Cloisonné in metal