Drawing Jewelry Design

It is important to draw your design on paper before production. Many jewelry artists are often unable to draw design drawings, which often can hinder direct consultation with customers. This is why we believe all jewelry artists and goldsmiths should learn how to draw jewelry.

Here is an example of what we mean:

9/13(火)本日も開講中!  ”デザイン画を描こう” 制作する前にはデザイン画を描くことが重要です。 製作者の多くはデザイン画を描くことができない場合が多く直接のお客様との相談に支障が出ることもよくあります。 やはりイメージしたジュエリーを伝える力が必要です。ジュエリーデザインにはコツがあり半年ほど学べば初心者でも自由に描くことができます。 未来へ羽ばたこう!

Jewelry design example

Learning how to draw your designs will help you convey the vision of the customer’s jewelry.

There are tricks to drawing jewelry design, and with practicing for just half a year, even beginners can learn to draw freely.

Please feel free to come join us in the workshop if you want to learn more!


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